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67139_4770294452659_289505900_nYou can contact us at:
Owner:  Janette A. Monsibaiz  (575) 740-2667
Co-owner:  Adan Monsibaiz (575) 740-3071
You can also email us at:  contactus@jadancandles.com
This is our story!
Truth or Consequences, New Mexico! A town located 1 hour driving time north of Las Cruces, New Mexico and 2 hours driving time, south of Albuquerque, NM is where Jadan Candles calls home. Truth or Consequences with approximately 8000 residents is known for its Hot Springs, it’s mild climate and the two large lakes, nearby.  I, myself, being a native of Truth or Consequences love the sunny, hot summer days and the gentle, cool winters. My husband, originally from Texas knows all too well what it’s like to have beautiful weather.  The lack of green grass was something to get used to.
Met my husband in 1998 and after marrying a few years later we made Truth or Consequences our permanent home with our six children. Realizing, a few years ago that we would both be retiring at very young ages we began to brainstorm about what we were going to do after we retired from our current careers in government.  One day my husband approached me and began to describe what his idea was and showed me what approach he would like to take.  So with his encouragement and determination Jadan Candles was created. 
After many times purchasing candles from the store and realizing that they are not all as fragrant as they say they are my husband began to research the methods of pouring candles; what waxes to use, what wicks work best and are more environmentally safe, what’s needed to pour a more fragrant candle and what works best to obtain the most burn time out of the candles. He eagerly began to research and jot down notes and then the testing began! That was in 2011 and after researching and testing for a year Jadan Candles was formed and our first few candles were ready to be sold. Then came along the idea of pouring melts.  Our goal was to pour all products by hand and ensure that they were made locally to support our local community.  Of course it takes more time to pour each candle and wax melt but we feel it is important that you, the consumer, are purchasing the best of the products. Our candles are just as fragrant when they are first lit as they are when that last burn takes place. Each candle has it’s own unique color, unless you have purchased our soy candles which only contain the wax and fragrance but no dye.  Jadan Candles is always testing new fragrances and adding new fragrances to our product line.